As Python’s lifetime grinds to a halt, a hot new competitor is emerging

Yeah, sure thing Nostradamus.

Better go trade in all those years of experience with Python and learn everything again, stumble into new problems using a niche language that even runs faster.

Sounds like the deal of the century…

Listen, nothing about Python or its community and users is «grinding to a halt». Where do you pick up statements like that?

Must be a service that I’ve managed to miss or something.

Sorry man, but if you’re going to badmouth a whole programming language and a community based on something out of thin air with no weight what so ever, please post it under your real name on StackOverflow.

They’re known to be utterly flexible and kind when it comes to such vapor statements spreading BS all over the place.

I mean, who the f*ck is this “Julia” chick anyway? Your boyhood secret crush that didn’t work out because of your strong Ophidiophobia? 😂

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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