This was a really long read.
If it wasn’t Saturday and I had time to kill, it would definitely be a TL;DR,
but I actually read the whole thing.

Some of your sentences makes no sense, neither grammatically nor contextual, so it was a rather hard read.
It also jumps around a lot, one second being for and then next second being against using Rust.

You manage to write a long article that I thought would be about Rust, given the deceptive title, but it really is as a mixture of a questionable Curriculum Vitae and Go fanboy propaganda.

It ends without any reasonable conclusion, no mention of the things that actually makes Rust great for many different application domains besides the systems programming domain, like the use of Rust compiled to WASM.
Rust isn’t just a “systems programming” language, although it started out as one.

Many large companies has to turned to Rust for real-life production code, that runs with extreme efficiency and stability compared to the same solutions they had before, written using Go. (Just some propaganda rebounding going on here…)

Also check out these sites for some interesting uses of Rust outside of the traditional systems programming domain:


PS! Sorry for coming at ya like such a PMS b*tch, but I just had to speak my mind…

Best of luck on your future endeavors, Rust or not!

I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.
— Blaise Pascal

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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