I honestly plan on creating a filter that will auto-hide ANY article that has a title including words like “better” or “best” and relates to software development and / or programming languages.

Get this into your narrow minds: THERE IS NO SUCH THING!!!

There are always different ways of doing the same thing using any choice of tool (aka programming language), and yes, there will always be some ways that are more efficient and clean than others.

This doesn’t equal being “better” though.
If I don’t know language X, but I know that it has a better implementation of some programming pattern I use, that would probably make my app run slightly faster for that specific operation, is this “better” for me?

I’d have to learn yet another language, spend a lot of time rewriting my existing code, introduce new bugs and go through the whole development cycle using unfamiliar tools.

So, no, for me that would not be “better”.

A much better title for this article could have been something like

“Comparing Julia and Python for [task_x_here]” or

“Why I’m Using Julia for [task_x_here]” or something like that.

“5 Ways Julia is Better Than Python” just makes me want to puke really hard.

It’s a sensationalist, starving reporter kind of headline, like those most newspapers are full of because the newspaper business is dying and they’re screaming for more readers. Not necessary in the digital age though.

Ok, just had to explode. I’m back to normal now.

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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