I’ve taken this course through Udemy.

Paid a total of $25 for the whole shebang on one of the many “sales” they throw at you. So great ROI in my case at least!

The course is paced with a relatively “fresh” developer in mind, but asides from that it’s probably the best rounded, all-in-one overview courses I’ve taken on this subject.

Indeed not an easy area to cover in one course, impossible actually, but I think Jose Portilla has done a great job with cherry picking of the topics included to maximize value for time and money.

Think of this course as a pre-requisite course for taking more focused and advanced classes, if you already have your math background covered, or to find out if data science is something that you could consider working with in the first place.

Machine learning / deep learning is fundamentally math intensive, if you want to move beyond the “comes with the framework” and copy & paste levels.

I’ve said this many times, but:

If you’re Not into math and finding it enjoyable, chances are you probably should choose a different specialization or a career path that does not involve advanced data science.

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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