I’d hold back on the excitement for going back to Windows if I where you. (but obviously I’m not)

I’m a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer but I only use Apple Mac’s.

For day to day personal computing, running MacOS X is the only option for me. Also, I love the design and feel that Apple hardware delivers.

The only thing that could persuade me to use a PC could be a perfectly tuned Hackintosh machine running MacOS, but I’d still only consider it as a desktop computer, not a laptop.

Apple laptops are simply the best there is in terms of user experience, nothing else comes close.

I understand your frustration regarding the pricing of Apple products, I feel they’re way too expensive as well, but considering the second-hand value from selling your MacBook Pro or similar high-end model versus what you’ll get from selling a 5–7 year old PC tips the scales a tad in the right direction when it’s time to upgrade to a new machine.

Also, I still have a MacBook Pro from 2010 that is still going strong, and works fine for regular tasks. It can’t compare with my current MacBook Pro 2017 model, but still, it’s a eight year old machine and it even has some battery life left in it!

I only use Windows if I’m physically forced to do so.

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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