I find OneNote intrusive, non-intuitive and it works rather flaky off-line. Besides, have you read “the small print” (not so small), that you’re basically giving Microsoft the rights to use all your contents meta-data as they see fit?

Nah. No Microsoft, Facebook or Google products installed on my machine.
Don’t use Facebook or any Microsoft services, Google is a bit harder to dodge.

WHY? You Paranoid?

I sadly have to use Chrome on a few occasions when developing apps, but I never sign in to either Chrome or Google search on Chrome.

I also delete the two hidden components of Chrome that gets installed (on a system level) that starts automatically on every reboot / login and enables inbound network access.

If you’re not aware (few are), if you don’t use an application-level firewall that monitors inbound connections from apps, you’ll get no warnings or information that Chrome actually starts a server process with inbound access to your computer / network each time you fire it up, and restarts even if it’s killed hard, so blocking is the only option.

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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