I can understand that this might be a confusing / frustrating experience, but hey, think about it like this:

"What does this actually tell us about human beings?"

The answer is rather evident; that we don't belong to any predifined "class", neither in regards to sexual orientation or otherwise!

This is why I've never been a supporter of the trend towards "labeling" (some even use tattoo-ink) for "describing" who or "what" we "are".

Does this mean that you've "been wrong" about anything? No, it just confirms that we are actually fluid, malleable individuals and you feel what you feel, given different settings and circumstances.

Now, that is the re-definition of "coming out of the closet" the way I see it. When you can accept that hey, I can feel different things for both male and female individuals, because there is more to attraction than what meets the eye.

Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.

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