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  • probono


    Author of #AppImage and contributor to hundreds of open source projects. #LinuxUsability, digital privacy, typography, computer history, software conservation

  • Elizabeth Tacs

    Elizabeth Tacs

    Finance, healthcare, and technology nerd, aspiring writer, and pop culture junkie. All views my own. Work in progress.

  • Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen

    Lasse Reichstein Holst Nielsen

    Lasse is a programming language designer and software engineer at Google, co-leading the Dart language design and platform library group. @lrhn on Github.

  • Aphinya Dechalert

    Aphinya Dechalert

    React. JavaScript. Angular. Firebase. β˜•πŸ•β˜•πŸ•β˜•πŸ• Follow me at twitter.com/dottedsquirrel to get notified about my latest articles & antics on and off Medium.

  • Tim McGrath

    Tim McGrath

    Geo-geek. Part of the overhead helping build HERE Map technology. We are #Here. Cogita Tute - Think for yourself!

  • Sasha Prokhorova

    Sasha Prokhorova

    Data Scientist and Language Analyst

  • plotly


    The leading front-end for ML & data science models in Python, R, and Julia.

  • SeattleDataGuy


    #Data #Engineer, Strategy Development Consultant and All Around Data Guy #deeplearning #dataengineering #datascience #tech https://linktr.ee/SeattleDataGuy

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