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Senior Software Developer. Hard-Core Learning Addict.


  • Mikkel Ravn

    Mikkel Ravn

    Software Engineer at Chainalysis. Formerly at JADBio, Google, QIAGEN, CLC bio, Systematic, U Aarhus. PhD in computer science 2003.

  • Tim McGrath

    Tim McGrath

    Geo-geek. Part of the overhead helping build HERE Map technology. We are #Here. Cogita Tute - Think for yourself!

  • miraculixx


    professional tinkerer | software engineer | data scientist

  • Villy Villy

    Villy Villy

  • Hirpha E. Erba

    Hirpha E. Erba

  • Ken Reilly

    Ken Reilly


  • Nigel Rios

    Nigel Rios

    Developer of AudioSwift — a macOS app that lets you use a trackpad as a MIDI controller.

  • Agicent App Development Company

    Agicent App Development Company

    We help you Create an App for iOS, Android, Web. 9 years old App developer team.

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