Does Open Source Imply Honesty?

In response to the story linked above:

This is a list of truths with modifications. Not the whole story, and not very relevant for most.

Points 2, and 3 is not true in most cases either.

But! The one and only reason you need IMHO is the Open Source aspect.

This isn't as unproblematic as one might think though.

In these times you really can't trust anyone.
Especially not the large corporations like Micro$soft, Google, Amazon and the likes, but neither can you trust the company behind what "Linux" means in practice for most people, that being Canonical, which is the company behind Ubuntu and oversees the development of all the [x]Ubuntu derivatives.

There are plenty of cases, the one involving Canonical selling your data (which was opt-in by default, no dialogs) to Amazon still being the most prominent.

This is a showcase where an "Open Source Company" exploits the trust of their customers, primarily those who believes that if something is open source, that implies that the company is all transparent and full of good-will and no evil. I guess two years from now, if not sooner, Canonical will be a sub-division of Microsoft, like LinkedIn, GitHub and countless others before them.

Problem is that wherever you have an underlying economic incentive for doing what you do, evil lurks.

I personally use Linux for most of my computing needs, but I choose a distribution that is committed to the real Open Source principles, and understands what is written (also between the lines) in "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" by ESR.

The best advice IMHO is USE YOUR HEAD. Imagine the unimaginable, expect the unexpected, stay ahead.
Learn to read the source code of whatever open-source product or operating system you choose to use. All that glitters ain't gold.

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